Since the very beginning in 1904, variety has always been one of ORIS’s founding principles. ORIS always believed in offering diversity along with quality and price. Whether we consider the pocket watch, the wrist watch, breakthrough with the big crown pointer date or the 8 day clock, ORIS has always been about breaking the barrier of monotony. Not to mention the diver watch or the watches inspired from motorsport. Today, ORIS offers a complete range of watches segmented into four collection- Diving, Culture, Aviation and Motorsport. The scope of this article does not allow coverage of the full collection so, I will try to take you all through the most popular ranges. Without further ado, take a glimpse into the diverse world of ORIS watches.


The dive officially started in 1965 when ORIS launched their first diving watch and has not yet hit the bottom. It was the beginning of a new era of technological breakthroughs in the world of dive watches. The ORIS Diving collection is branched into ORIS Divers, ORIS Aquis and ORIS Prodivers. Let us talk about them a bit.


Today the ORIS Divers line offers a simplistic yet very outstanding range of watches in date and date/chronograph complication. The main focus is a clear dial layout to create maximum readability underwater. The heart of this range is the diver sixty five line of watches along with few more editions. The diver sixty five watches are recreation of the legendary 1965 model.

They come in a size variation of 36/40/42 mm and a standard water resistance of 100 mm. Now it definitely does not make them suitable for scuba diving but you can go for a swim with it on your wrist. The non-corrosive stainless still case, the screw in big crown, vintage inspired bubble curved scratch resistance sapphire crystal and anti-reflective quoting not only creates a vintage appeal but also make the watch very legible under water. Whether you want to put on a pair of jeans with sneaker or your Sunday evening semi-formal or a beach short and Hawaiian shirt- the design aesthetic of the ORIS divers covers it all making it a very versatile watch beside being functional.


If the Divers Sixty Five range is about reminiscing the past and upholding a legacy, the Aquis range is a screaming statement of ORIS’s technical prowess and their penchant for development. The Aquis line of watches offer a great variety in terms of complication. Starting with a simple date complication, the Aquis also comes with GMT, GMT/date, chronograph, small second/date, big day/date, date/diamond for ladies and last but not the least the flag bearers of the series- the ‘Aquis Regulator’. We will take a look into this very unique offering to understand it’s function.

The regulator which was the first of its kind to introduce a non-coaxial hour and minutes hand into a divers watch. With the hour and second placed respectively at 3 and 9 o’clock the emphasis is on the minute hand which helps the diver to measure time against a scale around the uni-directional rotating bezel. Simpler? Well, let us just say that is the ORIS way of complicating things.

ORIS The Regulator

Beside being functional, the Aquis also offers a great variety in terms of size as well. The date/diamond for ladies comes in a size of 36.5 mm while the rest of the range comes in 39.5, 43.5 and 45.5 mm size. The depth gauge and the regulator is naturally bigger to accommodate their functions and extra water resistance. They come in 46 mm size. All Aquis watches are 300 m water resistance with the depth gauge and regulator offering extra depth of 1000 m water resistance. With the rubber strap and metal bracelet variation, the Aquis comes with anti-corrosive stainless steel, screw in crown and anti-reflective/scratch resistance sapphire crystal on top.


Enough with the diving and swimming. Weekends are done and it is time to put on the suit and set for business meetings with the proper watch on the wrist. In steps the ORIS Culture collection. Sleek, timeless design, elegant minimalism and streamlined silhouette makes the culture collection the flag bearer of dress watch heritage. The culture collection is divided into two category, let’s look into them.



The Artelier collection is the house of ORIS’s in-house magnificence. This range offers a great variety of complication. Cased in a 40 and 43 mm stainless steel body, the watches offer date complication, pointer date, moon phase, stop second, day/date, GMT and even a yearly calendar.

The Artelier also has pretty impressive ladies watches. Ranging from 33 mm to 36 mm in size the watches come with date and moon phase complication. The dial also offers variation with a skeleton or a diamond studded design. The heart of this range however consists calibre 110,111,112 and 113, Oris’s very own in-house movement and arguably their most complicated achievement.The caliber 113 is developed on the same base of its predecessor but a little more complicated in offering. The watch housed in a 43 mm stainless steel case, sapphire see through case back and a timeless design will never cease to impress you.

But it is not just the look that sweeps you away rather its functionality that stands out. With a 40 jewels 3 Hz movement ticking inside, the watch not only displays a date and day at 9 and 12 h respectively, but also shows the months, weeks and even days of a year. It also has a second window at 9 o’clock. If that is not enough for you, let me mention the staggering 10 days power reserve the watch comes with. The dial also shows the non linear power reserve indicator. Need anything more for the long business trip?


Step a notch down from Artelier and you are into the world of ORIS Classic. A range of watches that comes with date only complication and timeless design. If bewildering intellect was the rapport of Artelier, the classic is more daily vibe of life.

Minimalistic design with gold plating options and strap/bracelet variation makes the classic range the quintessential dress watches. The ladies watches come in 28.5 mm size with colour and strap/bracelet variation. The gents section offers the same variation in 42 mm size. Want a subtle, ‘slip in under the radar’ type everyday wearer? Grab a ORIS classic.



ORIS’s relation with aviation is almost as old as the profession itself. It was in 1911, just 7 years after they started ORIS introduced their first ever pilot pocket watch with an engraving on the back showing Luis Bleriot’s cross channel flight from 1909. It did not take them long to launch their first pilot wristwatch in 1917. With time, the wings of this flight has kept on spreading and now it is run by four propellers- ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot X, ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot, ORIS Big Crown, ORIS BC3. I will try to shed some light on them.


Let us fly high with watches of variety, functionality and affordability. The Big Crown PP range offers you all the functions you may possibly need and yet goes a lot lighter on your pocket.

The entry is with a date function but goes on to offer GMT, Altimeter with feet scale, Altimeter with meter scale, Alarm, Worldtimer, Chronograph and a GMT Small Second as well. The version with calibre 111 and 114 inside also offers a 10 day power reserve. The size varies  from 41 mm to 47 mm maintaining a very legible dial lay out at all time. The big numerals and luminous makes it an easy read even in low light condition.

ORIS Big Crown ProPilot Worldtimer Black in Leather Strap

The crown is as suggested by the name big enough to operate comfortable while wearing a pair of gloves. The PP range has so many extraordinary watches that it is difficult to talk about a single one. The Altimeter and the Worldtimer both were industry’s first of its kind and offer unique functionality. Feel free to pick your pilot.


The Big Crown series is another reminiscence of the past. ORIS made its first pilot wrist watch in 1917 and the present big crown series pays tribute to the legend. However, the heart of the series is the BC Pointer Date. First launched in 1938, recreated in 1984 and now the flag bearer of the brand itself. The pointer date is ORIS’s patented technology and was way ahead of its time in 1930’s. Even today, you can find pointer date/day in a ORIS watch only. The heritage of the pointer date forms the very core of the BC series.

Recently in 2018, a 80th edition was launched to commemorate the birth of the legend. So, beside heritage, what makes the BC series stand out? A design that will take you back in time and yet make you feel very contemporary, a very standard pilot watch dial layout  with easy readability, a big crown that gives ease of access, water resistance of 50-100 mm and last but not the least, the variation in bronze.

Zoomed in detailed effect of patina

Yes, you read it write. A bronze case variant. A metal that creates nobility and style at the same time and also creates the vintage vibes. A look that transpires through time and yet connecting to the present. Not to mention that it keeps getting better and versatile with time as it develops a very unique patina effect.The size variation of 36 and 40 mm also makes the BC series extra comfortable. but you get the 44 mm size as well if you like it big. Go your own way.


01 774 7725 8794-Set RS – Oris Williams FW41 Limited Edition

When ORIS launched the Chronoris in 1970, they embarked on a new journey. It was their first association with motorsport and Chronoris was the first ever motor inspired watch. it has been fifty years since then and ORIS has driven through a lot during this time but their love and appreciation for motorsport has not ceased to exist. Today the motorsport collection comes in four different design lines- the Chronoris, Williams, Artix GT and TT1. Let us take a short drive through them.


The Chronoris, heart of ORIS’s motorsport collection and a flag bearer of heritage. After 50 years since its birth, Chronoris still retains its original look. This watch will surely take you back in the seventies and set your pulse racing with the racing inspired design, dual coloured indices and oval shape case.


The Artix GT comes in three variation- Day/date, chronograph and a skeleton version.A no-nonsense watch with no fuss and great functionality, the GT is all about solidarity. Housed in a 42/44 mm SS case and covered with a double dome anti reflective sapphire crystal, this watch can certainly take the heat.

Artix GT in Leather Strap

Equipped with a rubber coated bi-directional bezel, the GT enables the driver to take a quick accurate reading.  The screw in crown ensures 100 m water resistance and the backside is decorated with a see through mineral glass. You can choose a leather or rubber strap or a SS bracelet, whichever suits you. Put on an Artix and let the watch talk about you.

That is the end of the part of vast collection ORIS has to offer today. Beside this, ORIS is very much active on nature conservation and social awareness. They have partnered with good many number of well-excelled individuals and launched number of beautiful limited editions for greater cause. You can check them in their website. So, that is all for today and hopefully I will come back with some other watch brand in recent future. Go your own way, enjoy your ORIS.

Author: S.M.Abdullah Zaman

Published by: Mohammad and Sons

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