Mohammad and Sons present an exquisite range of luxury watches meticulously crafted to complement diverse lifestyles, seamlessly marrying elegance with functionality. Catering to athletes, executives, adventurers, and fashion enthusiasts, our curated collection defines the epitome of sophistication.

Dive into the world of luxury timepieces with Mohammad and Sons, where our exceptional watches effortlessly integrate into the tapestry of various lifestyles. Whether you navigate the boardroom’s hustle or conquer rugged mountain trails, our thoughtfully selected watches promise a perfect match.

Each timepiece from our collection is not just a mechanism to tell time; it’s a narrative, your narrative. With a watch designed for every wrist and occasion, we bridge the gap between luxury and practicability, infusing sophistication into every outfit while enduring the rigors of daily life. 

Our unwavering commitment to quality and versatility positions Mohammad and Sons as the go-to destination for discerning watch aficionados.”

The Allure Of Luxury Watches

The allure of luxury watches transcends mere timekeeping. A blend of art and engineering, these exquisite timepieces speak to a tradition of elegance and precision that captivates connoisseurs and fashion enthusiasts alike. We bring this timeless charm right to your wrist, catering to diverse lifestyles with unparalleled sophistication.

Timeless Craftsmanship

Luxury watches stand as testaments to masterful artistry and technology. Each piece by Mohammad and Sons is a narrative of intricate assembly done with utmost care. Expect nothing less than perfection in every detail, from the seamless movement of the hands to the polished finish of the watch case.

  • Hand-selected materials ensure durability and style.
  • Skilled artisans craft each watch with years of experience.
  • Advanced techniques merge with heritage designs.

Status Symmetry: What Your Watch Says About You

Your choice of watch reflects your personality and accomplishments.

Watch Type

Lifestyle Association

Elegant Dress Watch

Professional Success

Daring Sports Watch

Active Adventurer

Classic Vintage Piece

Connoisseur of Tradition

With Mohammad and Sons, express your individuality through a selection of luxury watches designed to mirror different aspects of your life.

 Mohammad And Sons: A Legacy In Timekeeping
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For generations, the name Mohammad And Sons has stood out as a beacon of luxury in timekeeping. This esteemed family business has perfected the art of marrying tradition with innovation. We authorised dealer of the watches that embody not just time, but a legacy worn on the wrist. Each piece is a testament to a lifestyle of elegance and precision.

The Heritage Of Excellence

Mohammad And Sons began our  journey over a 5 years ago. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every timepiece we craft. Each watch tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail.

  • Hand-selected materials ensure durability and beauty.
  • Each watch goes through a rigorous quality check.
  • Our timepieces are symbols of prestige and performance.

Exclusive Collections

Mohammad And Sons offers a diverse range of watches that suit any lifestyle. Our collections are curated to reflect both class and functionality.



Lifestyle Fit

Elegance Series


Business Professionals

Adventurer Sport


Outdoor Enthusiasts

Urbanite Modern


City Dwellers

Each collection offers unique features such as water-resistance, automatic movements, and sapphire crystal displays. Whether you’re attending a formal event or exploring rugged terrains, Mohammad And Sons has a watch that aligns with your way of life.

Timepieces For The Business Mogul
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Imagine the quiet click of a luxury watch marking success with each second. Mohammad And Sons curate elegant timepieces that speak volumes in the boardroom. From high-stake meetings to daily hustle, our selection of luxury watches seamlessly integrates with the entrepreneur’s lifestyle.

Statement Watches For Leaders

Leaders demand presence. Mohammad And Sons offers timepieces that command the same. Our watches boast bold designs, innovative technology, and impeccable craftsmanship.

  • Limited Edition Models – Stand out with exclusive designs.
  • Oversized Dials – Make a bold statement in any room.
  • Smart Features – Keep a pulse on the business world.

Elegant Classics For Everyday Power

Elegance never goes unnoticed. Classic timepieces exude a subtle influence, perfect for every deal and handshake.

Mohammad And Sons provides watches with:



Sleek Profiles

Effortlessly slip under any cuff with grace.

Pure Metals

Gold and platinum for timeless appeal.

Minimalist Faces

Focus on what matters – time.

Adventure-ready Luxury Watches

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For every adventurer who demands durability and precision, Mohammad and Sons offer a curated selection of luxury watches. These timepieces withstand the toughest environments. Whether you’re scaling mountains or diving into the depths of the ocean, our watches keep pace with your daring spirit.

Durable Designs For The Explorer

Explorers need watches as resilient as our spirits. Our collection features:

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystals that endure scrapes and impacts.
  • Stainless steel casings to resist corrosion and withstand pressure.
  • Rubber straps for comfort and flexibility during extreme activities.

High-performance Features For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor enthusiasts require more than just time-telling. Our luxury watches boast:



GPS Functionality

Navigation through remote locations.

Water Resistance

Safety during water-based adventures.

Altitude Meters

Essential info for mountaineers.

Dress Watches For Socialites

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Welcome to the elegant world of dress watches, perfect for socialites seeking that extra touch of class and refinement. These timepieces aren’t simply about telling time; we symbolize status and sophistication, acting as a subtle nod to those in the know.

Sophistication On The Wrist

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For individuals who grace the highest echelons of society, a dress watch from Mohammad and Sons offers more than elegance. It’s a beacon of luxury that whispers quiet confidence. With designs that blend tradition and modern flair, these watches make an unspoken statement at every gathering.

  • Minimalist Faces: Clean, understated watch faces ensure seamless pairing with any ensemble.
  • High-Quality Metals: Gold, silver, and platinum offer longevity and timeless charm.
  • Leather Straps: Sleek leather complements formal attire and ensures comfort.

The Perfect Accessory For Gala Events

At the heart of high society’s must-attend gala events, a Mohammad and Sons luxury dress watch stands out. It is the ideal partner to a tailored suit or elegant evening gown. Discerning guests will notice the detail and craftsmanship that each piece boasts, solidifying your place among the style-conscious elite.

Event Type

Watch Feature

Style Impact

Black Tie

Classic leather strap

Elevates formal wear

Charity Gala

Diamond accents

Adds a sparkle to your outfit

Art Exhibition

Unique design elements

Shows off your artistic side

Each Mohammad and Sons dress watch is a testament to the legacy of luxury timekeeping. It’s a treasure that complements the lifestyle of the socialite, an emblem of fine taste and distinction at any event.

Sport Watches For The Athlete

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The right watch balances style and utility. Athletes require sport watches that withstand intense activities. Mohammad and Sons present a collection of luxury sport watches. Each watch is a symbol of elegance and robustness. Perfect for those who live a life marked by movement and vigor.

Combining Luxury With Functionality

Luxury watches do more than tell time. We serve as a statement of taste and a tool for the active. Mohammad and Sons craft sport watches with premium materials. These watches boast features like water resistance, shock absorption, and durable straps.

  • Waterproof designs for swimmers and divers.
  • Lightweight composites for comfort during long runs.
  • Non-slip straps to keep watches secure on wrists.

Precision Timekeeping For Competitors

Competitive sports require precision. Athletes count on our watches for accuracy. Mohammad and Sons sport watches offer chronographs and lap timers. Features include –




Track time to the second for training and races.

Lap Timers

Record intervals and improve pacing.


Measure speed and distance efficiently.

Each watch is a tool to help athletes reach our peak performance.

Maintaining A Luxury Timepiece

Luxury watches stand as symbols of dedication to craftsmanship and timeless style. Owning a piece from Mohammad And Sons is not just about having a fine accessory. It’s about cherishing a work of art.

Proper maintenance is key to preserving the elegance and function of your timepiece.

Expert Care Tips

  • Clean regularly with a soft cloth to remove oils and dust.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and shocks that could harm the mechanism.
  • Keep your watch away from magnets to ensure accuracy.
  • Water resistance needs confirmation before any exposure.
  • When not worn, store your timepiece in a safe, dry place.

Regular Service: Ensuring Timeless Performance

Regular servicing is like a health check-up for your watch.

  1. Your luxury watch requires professional servicing every 3-5 years.
  2. Skilled watchmakers can spot and fix wear and tear early.
  3. A service includes cleaning, oiling, and calibrating the movement.
  4. Authentic parts replacement maintains its originality and value.
  5. Post-service testing ensures performance as precise as day one.

 Investing In Mohammad And Sons Watches

Investing in Mohammad And Sons watches carries prestige and the promise of enduring worth. These timepieces are not just accessories; we become heirlooms. As symbols of sophistication and success, these luxurious watches captivate attention and admiration.

Appreciation And Value Over Time

Owning a Mohammad And Sons watch is a commitment to quality. Like fine art, these watches often appreciate in value. Consider this:

  • Scarcity and Exclusivity: Limited edition models may become collectors’ items. This rarity boosts our market demand.
  • Timeless Craftsmanship: Expert hands craft each watch. Excellence endures, ensuring the timepiece holds or increases its worth.
  • Historical Significance: The brand’s storied past often translates into a robust future for our watches’ value.

Making The Right Choice For Your Lifestyle

Your watch should mirror your daily life. Mohammad And Sons offers various styles to match your routine:

Lifestyle Choice

Recommended Watch

Business Professional

Classic dress watch with leather strap


Durable sports watch with high water resistance

Social Influencer

Trendy timepiece with distinctive design elements


Vintage models or watches with complex movements

Align your choice with your activities and image. A well-chosen Mohammad And Sons watch enhances personal style while meeting practical needs. It’s an investment that speaks to your identity and passions.


No photo description available.

Embracing the right luxury watch enhances your lifestyle like a tailored suit. Mohammad And Sons offer choices that promise elegance, precision, and prestige. Whether for sport, business, or leisure, our curated collection meets diverse needs.Explore our exquisite timepieces and make a statement that’s uniquely yours.

Dive into the world of fine horology with Mohammad And Sons – where every second counts.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Luxury Watches For Different Lifestyles -mohammad And Sons

Question: What Defines A Luxury Watch Lifestyle?

Answer: A luxury watch lifestyle is characterized by the appreciation of craftsmanship, heritage, and the statement a fine timepiece can make. It often reflects success, sophistication, and a penchant for the finer things in life.

Question: How To Match A Watch With Your Lifestyle?

Answer: Matching a watch with your lifestyle involves considering your daily activities and social events. For an active lifestyle, look for durability and functionality. For formal occasions, opt for elegance and simplicity in design.

Question: Why Are Luxury Watches A Good Investment?

Answer: Luxury watches are considered a good investment due to our timeless appeal, durability, and potential to retain or increase in value over time, especially for well-maintained, limited edition or heritage pieces from esteemed brands.

Question: What Are The Top Luxury Watch Brands?

Answer: Top luxury watch brands include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, and Cartier, known for our quality, craftsmanship, and lasting value. These brands are reputable and often perceived as status symbols.


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