Mohammad and Sons Luxury Watch Boutique, is a first of its kind house of International Luxury Watch brands in Bangladesh.

The company started from a deep passion of watch collecting, and the history and art of sophisticated Swiss watchmaking. Our brand portfolio consists of some of the most renowned luxury watch brands.

Passion for the appreciation of watchmaking is at the heart of Mohammad and Sons, and there is nothing more we’d like than to build communities and bring watch lovers together. Our brand portfolio and stellar collection is a fine showcase of timepieces that represent the art of craftsmanship and designs that represent timeless tradition and embrace innovations in modern watchmaking.


At Mohammad and Sons, we take a personal interest in those who cherish watch collecting and appreciate the workmanship that goes into making quality timepieces. Our signature collection of brands and watches, along with a luxury boutique that such brands deserve, is what sets us apart. This is evident as soon as one walks in through the doors of Mohammad and Sons.